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Bremsstrahlung Safety Shutter

Bremsstrahlung Safety Shutter

Bremsstrahlung shutters incorporate lead or tungsten blocks to absorb Bremsstrahlung radiation.

Bremsstrahlung shutters are supplied with pneumatic actuators and can be configured with various options including fast actuators and Beryllium windows. They can be integrated with a photon shutter, or other beamline components if required.

It is possible that the Bremsstrahlung stoppers could be as simple as a lead or tungsten block appropriately positioned in air along the beamline (perhaps around a beampipe or behind a deflecting mirror system.) We will aim to offer the simplest solution.


Clear apertureAs required
Shutter block materialLead or Tungsten
Effective shutter block sizeAs required
Maximum heat load5W
Actuator typePneumatic with integral
24VDC solenoid valve
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