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Uncooled High Precision Slits

In this high precision slit system a flexure mechanism is used to move the slit blades over a small range while maintaining a high level of parallelism. Optional items include manual or stepper motor driven operation, a linear encoder to indicate aperture position, feedthroughs to enable measurement of the photo-current from each blade for beam position and intensity monitoring, a motorised stage for longitudinal positioning of the slit, and mounting on a synthetic granite plinth.

Uncooled precision slitBSP0100Range of slit aperture2 – 500μm
Stepper motor drive for precision slitBSP0102Slit blade width 25mm
Position encoder for precision slitBSP0103Aperture resolution 0.5μm
Aperture parallelism and stability <10% of slit width to a minimum of 2μm
Knife edge straightness 1μm
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