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Bimorph Power Supply

Bimorph Power Supply

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The Multi-Channel Bipolar Power Supply is designed to drive piezo-electric cells in a bimorph X-ray optic. Bimorph mirrors are used as grazing incidence mirrors up to 1.2m in length and may have up to 20 electrodes. This supply is configured in blocks of eight up to a maximum of twenty four outputs, so can control up to two independent mirrors; and has both Ethernet and RS232 interfaces for remote control and communication in addition to basic front panel display and control capabilities. The output voltage for each channel is fully computer-controllable.


Output range per channel-2000V to +2000V in 1V increments
Stabilityless than 0.3% drift after 1000 hours
Temperature stabilityless than 80ppm per °C
Slew rateup to 100V/sec
Power comsumptionless than 100W
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